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Mission Statement

Vegas Records supports young Vegas artists providing developmental scholarships, production grants and an outlet to focus on their creativity. Our Living Archive of Vegas Jazz ties the rich and nourishing heritage in with the present and future of Jazz in Vegas. 

OUR MISSION in more detail

In a music industry that has become increasingly threadbare, Vegas records stands as the leader on a new path to weave a rich heritage of American music into the promise of an even richer future.  With its focus on jazz and its development in the Entertainment Capitol of the world, Vegas Records was created to define and develop a new generation of performers and artists while honoring and celebrating the greats of generations past who have made Las Vegas home to some of the greatest music of our times.

Vegas Records will lift young musicians on the shoulders of the greats who have preceded them through our Living Archive premiering in May of 2019. Together we mentor young musicians to create the future of jazz while bridging the gap between music education and the professional world. This in tandem with other task force of like-minded institutions and a select community of commercial establishments that present jazz performances to bridge the gap between young and old, creating viable Art that looks into the future.

Recorded music at once memorializes an artistic message and establishes an artistic pedigree while nurturing artistic identity.  With today’s technology, almost anyone can record a song, but Vegas Records as a non-profit, community-based movement, is created to do that and much more.

  • Produces and distributes music,
  • Provides a stage for the established musician,
  • Nurtures and develops new artists with an integrity that honors the art and the artist, and;
  • Enriches and grows a cultural legacy such that America’s music will not simply survive but thrive and grows.

Vegas Records will produce live events to support music education and other worthy causes in the community. Vegas Records will connect student musicians with established artists as mentors and creative collaborators. In the meantime, Vegas Records’ artists will represent both the musical legacy of Las Vegas as part of a “Living Archive” and the creative cutting edge of a new generation of artists. To do it, Vegas Records will join hands with other like-minded institutions in the public and private sectors.

Vegas Records is supported by the proceeds of its programs and product as well as by the tax-free contributions of supporters, patrons and sponsors. Its purpose is to reinvest those resources combined with the artistic energy of a vibrant city to inject new life into a powerful cultural inheritance.

We focus on Jazz, but may document any music that ties into Vegas and is creatively viable. Yes, we will listen to every cassette, CD, record, 8 Track, DAT tape, mp3 or 78 you will dig up as we are also building a back catalogue detailing the who-is-who and who-was-who in Vegas and re-issue and digitize long out of print albums. It’s a long term project and we need your support and input!

We look forward to hearing from you!


Our Board Members Are

Uli Geissendoerfer
Founder and President

  German-American pianist, composer and educator, Uli Geissendoerfer, originally from Munich, explores melodies and rhythms across many styles of music, with a special emphasis on World, Jazz and improvisation. He worked with among others William Cepeda (awarded a Grammy nomination), Groove Collective, Giovanni Hidalgo, Blood Sweat & Tears, Leslie Uggams, Tito Puente, Cirque du Soleil, Kofo the Wonderman, Ute Lemper, David Cassidy, several Symphonies, the Connecticut Opera and more.

His current projects include, his Trio with the debut “Vol. I, Here comes the Sun and other stories” to be released in January, “Colors” a World Jazz Quintet, the “Beregovsky Project”, a duo with fabulous award winning violin virtuoso Alicia Svigals and (new CD released early 2018) “Bangalore Breakdown” (“Diary”), an Indian World Jazz project featuring Premik Russell Tubbs. Premik and Uli also recorded a Duo CD ”Passport to HappYness’”. One of his favorite band is of the Las Vegas Boneheads (debut release “Attack of the wind driven pitch approximators”) out earlier this year.

As film composer, Uli composed together with Emmy nominated composer Steve Sandberg the critically acclaimed short film, Climbing Miss Sophie, winner of the NYU Film Festival 2002, and invited to Sundance Film Festival and Cannes Film Festival among other prestigious festivals worldwide. Together with Nicole Renaud they are featured on three releases of cartoonist Bill Plympton. In 2011 Uli was awarded best sound design at the 48 hour film festival and in 2016 one of his and Nicole’s songs, Red, made it onto short list for the Oscars.

In 2009 he moved to Las Vegas where he was the conductor, pianist and bandleader with the Cirque du Soleil production “Viva Elvis”. He resurrected the Latin Jazz Ensemble at UNLV which since won downbeat awards in 2013, 2014 ,2015 (1st place) and 2016. Aside from initiating a lecture series at the university, serving as curator for the Steinway Concert Series, he also founded the “Jazz Club at the Dispensary Lounge” (winning Best of Las Vegas) which is in it’s 6th year having been graced by luminaries such as Wynton Marsalis, Brandon Fields, Sam Most, Rick Margitza, Dick Griffin, Danny Gottlieb and many more. In 2017 he founded Vegas Records as hub for all creative, especially Jazz related, music emanating from Vegas. The official Launch is in the beginning of 2018.

Larry Carroll
Video production and Treasurer

Larry Carroll brings a long and rich history in radio, television and cutting edge program development to Vegas Records. One of the most awarded and respected figures in Los Angeles radio and television and a well-known and trusted persona, Carroll’s background in broadcasting and production makes him a fitting element of the Vegas management team. A multiple Emmy nominee and winner, Carroll has earned the respect of colleagues and viewers over a 40+ year career in top tier media.
Carroll’s career began in 1969 in college radio as a News and Program Director. The only interruption in Carroll’s broadcasting career followed when in 1971 he joined the White House Communication’s Office as Director of California Broadcast News Bureau Relations, where he remained until ethical conflicts over the conduct of the Vietnam war, Watergate and the Committee to Re-Elect Nixon led to his departure. But at that point Carroll had become the only man to have served in the press offices of both Jesse Jackson and Richard Nixon.

His return to radio as Assistant News Director at XPRS and West Coast Bureau Chief of the Mutual Black Network preceded a 37-year run as a widely acclaimed, Emmy Award winning, globetrotting broadcast journalist and News Anchor and network correspondent with stints at ABC, NBC News and CBS television and radio.

If news is his mission, music is Larry Carroll’s passion and his career is a blend of the two. Well before news, his first TV gig was as a PA on KHJ-TV, Los Angeles’ beach dance show, “Groovy” and later as Associate Producer of “Boss City”. Larry Carroll’s independent production efforts began in 1976 with “Discotheque America”, shot in Las Vegas, then on to the “International Music Festival of Acapulco” in 1981 and “Celebrity Showboat” in 1982 – the first television special shot on videotape entirely at sea, and the first of the modern era of Jazz-themed cruises. In 1991, Carroll created “Festival XXV” a festival of world music expressly for the Barcelona Olympics. His production of the Gatsby Jazz Festival in Malibu in 2009 would prove to be the start of a new chapter. His passion for the music and a business plan designed to make his new home a center for the cultivation and celebration of American jazz brought him to Las Vegas in 2011. His commitment to Vegas Records is a part of that new mission. Since arriving, he has since continued work as an independent producer and served the community as Executive Producer of SCA-TV (Sun City Anthem Television).

Levente Egry
A & R and sonic scrutiny
photo © Rheia Studios

Levente Egry is a concert pianist, composer, producer. He played the piano in Madách Theatre (Budapest) from 1990 to 1993 and at the same time he worked at the Hungarian National Theatre as a pianist.
In 1992 he entered the Hungarian National Song Festival’s Top 10 with a composition for big band and symphony orchestra. From 1994 he took a break from classical piano and he founded the pop boy band Hip Hop Boyz. From 1993 he was the lyricist, composer, singer, and producer of the national number one and multiple award winning boy-band Hip Hop Boyz and performed at significant festivals (MIDEM, Total Dance, Bravo Festival) and was the opening act for Dr. Alban, East 17, Backstreet Boys,’N Sync, DJ BoBo, No Mercy, Michael Jackson and other Hungarian bands and artists.
Their records were released across Europe: Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic. In 1999 he released his first solo album.
After hosting of the classical concert series for the Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra in 2000 he moved to the U.S. and worked as a freelance producer and songwriter for Celine Dion, Anastacia and Tarkan.
In 2003, once againback in Hungary, Egry produced several pop projects winning several awards and critical acclaim. In 2005 he co-founded Artofonic Records and worked as a producer, A&R director.
From 2005 he participated ‘Hip Hop Boyz Retroshow’ with over 2000 performances around Hungary and the surrounding countries.
In 2006 he started working on Sentimental Piano Concert – his debut album as a neo-romantic solo classical-crossover pianist and composer. He co-founded the Artofonic Chamber Orchestra in 2006.
In 2008 he recorded the material at the Pannonia Studio in Budapest.
After his 6 years of classic / crossover work, he again returned to the club genre again in 2012.
In 2013 he moved to Los Angeles and recorded various EDM genre with number of performers.
Besides his pursuit as a music producer – that covers the whole palette of music – in 2014 he moved specifically to the direction of Progressive-, Electro House,.
On his current project he’s focusing on combining his self as a composer- producer- performer- dj.
In the year of 2018 he specifically would like to present his currently progressing EDM music project on club performances and other thematic events as well.

1987-1993 Ferenc Liszt Music Academy – Budapest – piano
1983-1987 Béla Bartók High School of Music – Budapest – piano
1976-1983 National Secondary School of Music – Budapest – piano

1993-2005 Several gold, platinum and diamond albums (by retail sales)
2003-2005 As a producer of Hungarian pop projects: winner of “Record of the Year”, “Best Emerging Artist” and “Performer of the Year” awards
1996 – Winner of Performer of the Year, Bravo- OTTO, Golden Giraffe (the “Hungarian Grammy”) and Popcorn Magazine public award
1976-1991 Winner of several National Piano Competitions

Mike Varney
Senior Advisor

Mike is an American musician, record producer, music publisher and impresario who has founded and run several Record labels including Shrapnel Records part of Shrapnel Label Group and Magna Carta Records. His expertise in the recording business is gargantuan.




Michael Spicer