Support Vegas Records

YOU can change a life by supporting our mission, to give young and even established artists a platform with their new projects. Help them to transition into the artists sphere and realizing their creative abilities.

We’re also organizing special events and giving the gift of music education in form of scholarships and study sojourns. Show the world what heaps of creativity are happening in our town. There is a different sound emerging form here and we want to be in the center to capture it and help it along.

Vegas Records is a non profit 501(c)(3) organization that needs your support. You can pledge directly to us or support specific artist and projects.

Ways to Support Vegas Records:
Volunteer in annual events or assist us in special administrative projects.
Be our community leadership partner by identifying additional sources for financial contributions or being a board member.
Be an ambassador and tell your friends, colleagues, and neighbors about our venture and the benefits of great music and arts.